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Have you ever dreamed of waking up one morning under the watchful gaze of Mt. Kilimanjaro beneath a bright blue African sky? Have you ever dreamed of ambling through the Great Plains at the foot of God’s Mountain in the Great Rift Valley? Of exploring the parks of Tsavo, Amboseli, Tarangire, Ngorongoro, Masai Mara, Ruaha, Selous, Drakensberg, the Mahale Mountains or the Virunga Mountains? Have you ever dreamed of sleeping next to colonies of flamingos or amidst the wild sounds of the savannah? Of traversing the hills and valleys by foot alongside local communities for whom this is the only mode of transport, truly immersed and a part of the natural world.

If you have dreamed any of these dreams, then El Mundo Safaris can turn it into reality. Or if you would like a more active and immersive natural experience, then our walking safaris are for you. The safaris will be supported by local transportation methods, such as donkeys, camels or a vehicle. A camp will always be moving one step ahead of you; setting up and ensuring to be ready and waiting to help wash the dust off your boots and hand you a well-earning evening drink. The evenings will be spent sitting back to enjoy traditional local entertainment, the glory of a bright, bold sun set, a hearty meal and the night beside a campfire beneath the stars.

Let El Mundo Walking Safaris take you off the beaten tracks onto the pathways of your dreams.

Where do you dream to walk, maybe El Mundo can take you there.. Tell us now

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