Tour de Tanzania

Tour de Tanzania is our starting point and starting for our unique expeditions. We landed on the idea of bicycle and Tour de Tanzania when we were searching to innovate traditional 4×4 safaris.  First was early 2008 when the founder of El Mundo took on scouting bicycle backpacking from Arusha to Bagamoyo. Second, was cross Tanzania with the partnership of Freedom Challenge members. This saw the founder of Chile to Kili Foundation and El Mundo Safaris on bicycle journey around the world. Because of that strong history on bicycle touring we are guaranteeing you the most amazing bike tour.

Africa Bicycle Tours

El Mundo Safaris – Cycling in Africa

We are experts in adventure on two-wheels and Tour de Tanzania is our expertly designed African cycling experience. Take it from us Tanzania is an incredible place for those with a passion for peddles. Savannah is perhaps the quintessential African landscape but Tanzania has this and so much more. From the snow-capped highest African peak of Kilimanjaro to equatorial forest, rivers, lakes and tropical coastline, etc. On Tur de Tanzania there are so much diversity of different terrains to experience, we will take you right to the heart of all them. Pedaling pass giraffe, zebra, gazelles, Masai villages it is nothing much rather than simply a “dream of Africa”.
Africa is famous for its abundant challenges, we work hard to moderate these challenge to assist you gently push your boundaries of comfort. Therefore riding Tour de Tanzania is not getting lost into a meditative mode of absorbing the incredible natural beauty but also of personal growth. We think there is no better way of immersing yourself into the culture and experiencing the African nature than on a bicycle with a group of like-minded adventurers.

There are more amazing experiences packed into these 44 days than summaries. On the end of this active safari, you will have ticked off the following awesome landmarks: The Great Rift Valley, Serengeti National Park, Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika, Chimps spotting in Gombe Stream & Mahale  National Park, Lake Malawi, Dar es Salaam, and of course Mount Kilimanjaro.

Tour de Tanzania

El Mundo Safaris-Tour de Tanzania

This full tour is designed for people with a certain level of cycling experience but feel free talk to us about joining for a 10-day section. Tour de Tanzania ran on a private group basis with a minimum of two riders. We will be happy to help you customize your tour.

Take up the challenge and join us for the ultimate cycling adventure of a lifetime!

Click the link  to see full itinerary;  Tour De Tanzania- Cycling Expedition Itinerary

Tour group size: 10 people and above

Starting date: As a new tour this is currently tentative. We will start as soon as we have 10 participants.

Prices:    Contact us

Price includes:

  • Meals (afternoon soup on riding days, 3 main meals, celebratory final dinner) 
  • Support Vehicles (to carry baggage, food, water, etc)
  • 2 Days lodge accommodation at the beginning and end of the tour 
  • Camping
  • Park Fees as needed (Serengeti, Katavi, Saadani, etc)
  • Crew (Experienced Tour Leader, Bike Mechanic, Cook, Camping assistance)
  • Decent Mountain Bicycle (for those who will not be able to bring their own).

To sign up send email to