Rwenzori Mountain Safari


Rwenzori Mountain Safari Itinerary

Day 1: Travel from Kampala – Kasese

Take your breakfast at the hotel and our tour guide will pick you from the hotel in Kampala for your transfer to Kasese. Dinner and overnight stay will be at Rwenzori Mountain Lodge.

Day 2: Nyakalengija – Nyabitaba Hut

Arrive the Rewnzori Mountain National Park at Nyakalengija early in the morning. Your mountain hiking at the park headquarters and walk past typical mud, wattle and the Bakonzo homes through the elephant grass. Dinner and overnight will be at Nyabitaba Hut.

Day 3: Nyabitaba – Mubuku River

Drive from Nyabitaba to John Matte Hut. Come across the Bujuku and Mubuku Rivers. Turn right the bridge to climb the central circuit in an anti-clockwise direction. Climb steadily through the bamboo forest. Travel from Nyabitaba to reach the hut at Nyamuleju. Dinner and overnight will be at Nyabitaba.

Day 4: John Matte – Bujuku Hut

Drive from John Matte Hut across the Bujuku River to the lower Bigo bog. Your first experience for jumping from tussock will start from here. Have your lunch break at a beautiful narrow stream at the upper end of this bog. Dinner and overnight will be arranged at John Matte – Bujuku Hut.

Day 5: Elena or Kitandara Hut

Leave the Bujuku Hut along a newer trail which rises and falls twice before climbing through the magical moss draped in groundsel vegetation to Scott Elliot Pass. Then, you will lead to Elena Hut and continue straight, a few steps beneath the pass, you will find a sheltered spit for a very good break.

Day 6: Elena Hut to Margherita peak/Mt. Stanley Peak– Kitandara hut

If you are aiming to explore Margherita Peak, head along the base of the Stanley Glacier. It will take around 5-7 hours to reach the summit of Margherita depending on the weather conditions and the pace of climbing.

Enjoy climbing on to the glacier, come across the Stanley Plateau and proceed along with the ascent. Climbing on to the glacier, cross the Stanley Plateau and proceed with the ascent. You should be prepared for your return through the Scott-Elliot Pass where you will get beautiful views of Bujuku Lake, Mount Speke and down to the Kitandara Lake. You will have dinner and overnight at Kitandara Hut.

Day 7: Kitandara – Freshfield Pass – Guy Yeoman-Nyabitaba

Start from Kitandara, take a trip along the trail ascending up the headwall, extending from the base of Mount Baker and continuing along the south side of the mountain to Fresh field pass. There, you will see the Congo to the west and Mount Stanley to the north. Take on the long trail that passes the rock shelter at Bujongolo. Overnight will be at Guy yeoman.

Day 8: Nyabitaba – Kampala

Drive to Nyabitaba – that will take about 6-7 hours. For an early beginning, you can make it until the way down to Nyakalengija. Underneath Guy Yeoman, the trail descends the cliffs of Kichuchu. Your dinner and overnight stay will be at Serena Hotel (luxury) or Cassia Loge (Mid range) or The Lodge (budget).

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