Explore Kenya on Foot

Explore Kenya on Foot

A Brief Overview of the Trip

Exploring Kenya on foot offers you the opportunity to rediscover the spirit of adventure as you explore the magnificent Laikipia Plateau. Following in the footsteps of explorers of old and camping beneath open skies, learn the finer details of the bush and experience the traditional lore of your local Samburu guide. Follow the tracks of kudu or zebra and listen to the ancient songs of the Samburu as they water their livestock.

Swim in the cool waters of Africa’s rivers and spend warm nights beneath unbelievably starry skies. Climb to the top of rocky outcrops to admire vast views of endless open spaces and feel your senses reawaken as your nostrils fill with the scent of Africa’s dust. Gain a feel for the land and the wildlife of Kenya before ending your adventure among the spectacular wildlife of the famous Masai Mara.

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