East Africa Safari


East Africa SafariEast Africa is the famed safari getaway throughout Africa. The region is blessed with picturesque destinations like Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and emerging Ethiopia. East Africa is recognized for the spectacular game-viewing destinations in Africa and around the world.

The East Africa safari tour takes you along the trails of huge herds of wildlife species like antelope, wildebeest around the Serengeti National Park, Masai Mara National Reserve, Virunga National Park, etc. Booking guided safari tours and packages through El Mundo Safaris allows you to saddle alongside pride of lions in the shade waiting for their prey to trot by. In short and simple words, you will have the ultimate safari experiences in East Africa.

The East African landscape is splendid and dramatic in every aspect, boasting diverse savannah plains, volcanic lakes, and stunning mountain ranges to reach the summit. El Mundo Safaris offers you completely-tailored itineraries to the awe-inspiring colonial silhouette of Mount Kilimanjaro – the highest peak in Africa, coastlines and the beaches along with Arabian-infused cultural delights of Zanzibar, or Malindi offering a paradise to relax and unwind.

El Mundo Safaris is a leading company extremely dedicated to providing safaris and active adventures throughout East Africa. We provide private guided tours, group excursions, walking safaris, mountain trekking, cycling tours, 4X4 safari adventures, and luxury safari packages. Please see our sample itineraries and let us help you customize your safari.