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Sun set , Congo river. Photo; Peter Gostelow

Congo River Expedition

Nothing can prepare you for an experience in a part of the world very few people have visited.

A traditional Congo River  Expedition cruise  with us will lead you to remote villages. You will have the opportunity to see the last remaining pygmy tribes and travel in the footsteps of World renowned explores  Stanley and  Livingston. Home to international musicians as such as Papa Wemba, Werrason, Koffi Olomide and Wendo Kolosoy, the heart and soul of the country is felt in its music.

There are several books which can give you a rough picture of Congo, past and contemporary. King Leopold’s Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror and Heroism in Colonial Africa (1998) is a best-selling popular history book by Adam Hochschild that explores the exploitation of the Congo Free State by King Leopold II of Belgium between 1885 and 1908, as well as the atrocities that were committed during that period. In doing so, the book aimed to increase public awareness of these Belgian colonial crimes, successfully as it turned out.

Blood River  A Journey to Africa’s Broken Heart, account of Tim Butcher. Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible, novel about a missionary family from USA  in Congo.

And recently Anthony Bourdain future his cooking series on CNN to Congo River 

50 years of on again – off again wars have left little. A network of paved roads no longer exists; rail systems, hotels, and businesses have all fallen to years of corruption and mismanagement. Life along the River Congo for those willing to leave their comfort zones and travel to such a remote part of the planet will certainly be a defining moment in their lives.

With the support of El Mundo Safaris, your venture into extreme tourism in an isolated part of the word offers physical activities which, while not mentally challenging or physically demanding,  provide a once in a lifetime experience. The DRC is changing rapidly as Rebel groups lay down their weapons and pick up the banners of peace.  More and more rebels are accepting treaties led by an international community attempting to install democracy. Now is the time to visit this war torn part of the world as it tries to rebuild itself.

Our professional team of guides speaks your language and will professionally escort you on this epic trip that guarantees to be a life changer. Having rightly earned its reputation among legendary adventure thrill seekers around the world, a journey along the River Congo will complete the most discriminating bucket list.

Come and be a part of our next tour. Let’s explore our amazing world.

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Congo River Expedition 15 Day

Day 1-2 – Lisala
Fly to Lisala, the starting point for our voyage up the Congo River. Lisala is the home town of the former President Mobutu and the half way point between Mbandaka to Kisangani. Overnight tented camp in Lisala.

Days 3 to 13
Travel up river from Lisala to our final destination, the city of Kisangani. The trip is expected to take 10 nights and as with the first leg, each night will be spent ashore at or close to a village where we can buy fresh produce, prepare dinner and set-up our tented camp for the night.

Tents are large and comfortable, 2m in height. Each tent is equipped with mattress and cotton mattress covers and pillows. Travelers should bring their sleeping bag or sleeping sheet, as well as a towel and toiletries.

Highlights of the expedition include Bumba, where the river is at its widest, some 20 kilometers across and covered with water hyacinths. Closer to Kisangani we will travel through Yangambi, an important Biosphere Reserve which hosts 32,000 tree species. Wildlife in the reserve includes elephant, river hog and monkeys.

Our transport is aboard a 34m long wooden boat, equipped with two powerful outboard engines. Although a traditional boat it is of course equipped with full safety equipment, toilet facilities, a generator, lighting and freezers for food and drinks. A cook and an English speaking guide accompany the trip throughout.

Day 14 – Kisangani
Today we arrive at our destination, Kisangani. There will be time to explore the city before we return to Kinshasa the next day. Founded by Stanley in 1877, highlights include the Tshopo River Falls and the Wagenia fisheries, set-up in the middle of the rapids. Fishing is carried out by means of a complex structure set amongst the rocks to trap the fish. Overnight tented camp in Kisangani.
Day 15 – Departure
Transfer to Kisangani’s airport for a scheduled flight to Kinshasa or Goma.

Congo River boat

Congo River Expedition – 20 Days

El Mundo Safaris offers Congo River expedition tour package allowing you to cruise around the remote villages for 20 days or more. Take this opportunity to know the last remaining Pygmy tribes are travel in the footsteps of world-renowned explorers – Stanley and Livingston.

Day 1     Arrival at Kisangani

Overnight and dinner will be arranged at Kisangani hotel.

Day 2     Sightseeing tour in Kisangani

When you’re in Kisangani, explore the beautiful sightings like Tshopo River Falls and the Wagenia Fisheries that is set up in the middle of river rapids. Your overnight will be at Kisangani hotel.

Day 3     Boating – Kisangani – Yangambi (90km)

Our river cruiser is a 34-meter long wooden boat, well-equipped with two powerful outboard motors. This is a traditional type of boat and is crafted with safety equipment, sanitary installation, lighting, a generator, and freezers.

The boat is operated by an insured, experienced captain. We are accompanied by a sailor, a mechanic, a cook, and an experienced guide. You will spend your evening ashore and interact with the locals ensuring cultural experiences. Your overnight will be at tented camp accommodation.

Day 4     Boating – Yangabi – Lokutu (95km)

Yangambi Biosphere Reserve is the center of research for secondary forests. The biosphere reserve is highly dominated by pycnanthus angolensis and Fagara macrophylla, rain forests with Gilbertodendron dewevrei, semi-deciduous secondary rainforests, the climax forests with Brachystegia laurentii and marshland forests. The overnight will be at tented camp.

Day 5     Lokutu Mombongo (83km)

You will visit the Lokutu Oil Palm Plantation. We will take to the region of Lokele – a tribe residing on the banks of the river. Overnight will be provided in tented camp.

Day 6     Boating – Mombongo – Bumba (106km)

The Congo River broadens out to its widest point in Bumba, around 20 kilometers. The river is filled with water hyacinths and paved with different islands. The region of Bumba stands out as the home to the Bafoto Pygmies. Overnight will be at tented camp.

Day 7     Travel by Boat – Bumba – Lisala (117km)

Lisala is the home town of the former president Mobutu Sese Seko. A broad trunk tree – a Libanga commemorates his birth with a plaque. This tree commemorates the birth of Mobutu Sese Seko – father of the Zairian Revolution. Your overnight will be arranged in tented camp.

Day 8     Travel by boat: Lisala – Iaté ( 109 km)

Travel by boat from Lisala to Iate to experience a beautiful fishing village and your overnight will be at tented camp.

Day 9     Travel by Boat – Iate – Moleka (95km)

The Congo River expands either by flowing around the countless islands or by spreading out into what settlers calls them pools. Enjoy overnight at tented camp.

Day 10   Travel by Boat – Moleka – Bolombo (121km)

Overnight will be provided at tented camp.

Day 11   Travel by Boat – Bolombo – Malonga (77km)

Previously, Makanza is known as New Antwerp. Overnight stay will be at tented camp.

Day 12   Travel by Boat – Malonga – Mbandaka (105km)

Mbandaka is the biggest town located between Kisangani and Kinshasa and the home to the Mongo tribe. Overnight will be at tented camp.

Day 13   Travel by Boat – Mbandaka – Malanga (90km)

Mbandaka is the capital of the Equatorial Province, located on the left bank of the Congo. This is the point where the Ubangi connects with the Congo. Overnight will be at the tented camp.

Day 14   Travel by Boat – Malanga – Lukolela plantation (101km)

You can visit a cacao plantation and overnight will be at tented camp.

Day 15   Travel by Boat – Lukolela – Croissement (99km)

The Congo River narrows at Lukolela and is bordered by high cliffs. The width of the river maintains 6-9km and is studded with islands. Overnight will be provided at the tented camp.

Day 16   Travel by Boat – Croissement – Kalenge (110km)

You will find the rocky outcrops at the bottom of the navigation channel. The width of the river is minimized to less than 2km in Bolobo. Your overnight stay will be provided in the tented camp.

Day 17   Travel by Boat – Kalenge – Epuna (155km)

Kwamouth is located on the left bank at the confluence of the Kwa – the name of the Kasai River where it joins the Congo. Overnight accommodation will be arranged in the tented camp.

Day 18   Travel by Boat – Epuna – Maluku (89km)

You arrive in Maluku where the Congo becomes the Pool Malebo. Your overnight accommodation will be arranged in the tented camp.

Day 19 -20 Transfer to hotel in Kinshasa/Kisangani/Goma

Your transfer will be arranged and you will be ready for the departure to return your home.

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