El Mundo Safaris

El Mundo Safaris evolve from Chile to Kili Foundation – a premier educational organization dedicated to discovering our planet, conserving and protecting environment and wildlife species. Our tour expeditions and adventure packages help to promote conservation and sustainable development.

Chile to Kili Foundation was founded in 2007, promoting around-the-world cycling initiative undertaken by Elvis 'Lelo' Munis – that took Gandhi's famous mantra “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Elvis had an experience of biking around 57 countries in an effort to inspire action to promote conservation and fund scholarships for the disadvantaged youth.

We at El Mundo Safaris are passionate about offering travelers with active and highly-engaging packages that are environmentally responsible and incorporate adventure, education, leisure, cultural exchange, and exploration. We strongly believe in tourism promoting conservation and managing natural resources that give back to the local communities and offering travelers with highly-engaging as well as fulfilling experiences.

“Travel with a Purpose” is a key ethos of the company and El Mundo Safaris. We offer interested travelers the opportunity to participate, experience, engage, contributing, learning from local communities, people and the places visited. By traveling with a purpose we can all be the change we wish to see in the world. 

Africa, Tanzania and many other places in the developing world is home to a vast variety of bio and cultural diversity. Its home to a large variety of wildlife, rare ecosystems full of endemic species; is a harbor of pristine natural areas and natural resources. These are World Heritage sights. Sadly, many of its people lack the financial resources as well as inspiration and motivation to receive the education necessary to successfully manage, develop and preserve these resources and their respective areas.

Let El Mundo Safaris help you make the most out of your expeditions!


El Mundo Safaris was founded and is run by 'Lelo' Elvis Munis. An African youth with the type of vision that is generated only when poignant personal experience collides with an extraordinary vantage point. Just as Africa is a continent of contrast, Elvis’s world consists of point and counter-point. Grew up in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Elvis passed a difficult childhood spent between his grandmother’s and relative's house, living in a bus, and being essentially homeless. At the age of fifteen, he first climbed Kilimanjaro as a porter to help pay for his school fees. Despite his self-driven academic success (also teaching himself five languages to fluency) he has been struggling ever since to improve and make life better and fun any many ways

Elvis is inquisitive by nature and asks hard questions. How can we Africans best counter backwardness with personal development? How can we foster self-empowerment to combat poverty and dependence? From a history of immersion in the local environment, he has spent time guiding wildlife safaris; leading treks up Kilimanjaro;  working as a volunteer in several civil societies; solo cycling, leading long distance biking tours, and teaching Ecology to international high school and college students. He has emerged an intelligent and thoughtful naturalist and it is this spirit that drives his current endeavor.  Elvis is once again using the power of his passion for what he believes in; Conservation-Education-Sustainability.

His recently epic cycling journey around the world through 57 countries, traversing huge distances and harsh terrain alone in order to raise funds and awareness for ecological education in Tanzania and to learn more about international environmental and conservational issues. Follow this link to read more about the epic journey of Chile to Kili

It is with this passion, rich experience and determination that he leads his team of experienced guides, leaders, naturalists and trainers who will help you to achieve your own dream to learn about, experience and explore this amazing world!


Semu Nkini

Senior Tour Guide

Semu, born and raised in Arusha with Ugandan roots, has been working in the East African safari circuit for more 20 years. When he began, safari companies were still using VW buses and having to pick up their guests from the Kenyan border, as there was not international airport in northern Tanzania. His years of experience have turned him into the superstar guide that he is today. He loves to share his vast knowledge of the region and its endemic species with his guests. Typically East African, he is warm, friendly and welcoming.

Laurelee Graham

Relationship Manager, Pacific North-West

+1 206 898 0651

Lauralee has spent over 20 years in sales and marketing. In 1992, she decided to work exclusively in the travel industry. Over the years, she has developed strong industry relationships throughout the US.

Garth Anton

US Office Coordinator (Marketing Manager/Tour Leader/Product Developer)

+1 206 818 2816

Garth is a world traveller who enjoys sharing his experiences with others. He has explored the world on two wheels, his first trip starting in Europe and taking him throughout the African continent. This is where he met Elvis. From then on, a fairy-tale friendship emerged and the two adventurers explored the furthest corners of the world together.

Thomas Hart

South Africa Office Coordinator & Tour Leader


Thomas Hart is a photographer and anthropologist from South Africa. He has a Masters degree in Development Communication and has worked with Bushman communities throughout Southern Africa. He is a passionate historian in the development of Southern Africa, from the first humans at the Cradle of Humankind to the colonial era and Southern Africa today. Thus, he has a vast knowledge of Southern African history and culture and has traveled extensively around Africa working cultural and social projects.

Mariana Carvalho

Tour Leader

I am an experienced naturalist with a passion for Africa. Graduated from Lisbon University, I have started my professional path down south with an introductory course in Tanzania from where I engaged the track of tropical ecology. I have passed through Guinea Bissau, São Tomé and Principe, Equatorial Guinea and I am presently living and working in Mozambique. With a PhD in Biology/Ecology.

I have an extensive experience in capacity building and environmental education and awareness, as well as a specialized touristic guide. I love to explore and discuss the natural world around us, even better if outdoors: walking, biking, kayaking or just sitting by the campfire.

Peter Gostelow

Bicycle Tour Leader

I was born in London, but grew up in a small village in Nottinghamshire with fond memories of my Raleigh bikes.

In 2009 I began the Big Africa Cycle, cycling from England to South Africa. I finished in 2012, having cycled over 34,000km through 30 countries. At some point I might just cross over the Atlantic and embark on a trip through the Americas, but my current focus is to write a book about the African experience.

Leaving in Tanzania, would be happy to share my experience with other travelers in Africa and beyond on bike tours. Read more about Peter’s adventure; http://petergostelow.com/thebigafricacycle